What is GO DC?

GO DC is short for the “GO Distribution Centres”. We plan to make GO DC your leading platform for searching or listing warehouse capacity.

We are developing our flexible warehousing platform that will dynamically match flexi-term space needs from growing SMEs with space available warehouses and value-added services. This will be delivered in two phases.

Phase 1 will build a marketplace platform that aims to make searching for warehouse space and making contact quick and easy. List your requirements on GO DC now.

Phase 2 will introduce dynamic matching of flexible criteria for space and lease periods.

Note: The term “space provider” and “warehouse operator/owner” is used inter-changeably in this FAQ, unless stated otherwise.

Space seeker Space provider
Phase 1 – online self-search & capacity matching platform
  1. Easy search of warehouse criteria and available providers
  2. Overview of property and available space from warehouse space providers
  3. Make contact and book your space!
  4. List your space requirements
  1. List space and capabilities on GO DC
  2. Find space seekers
  3. Find interested space seekers for your space
  4. Make contact and showcase your warehouse space

How does GO DC work?

In Phase 1, GO DC works as easy as 1,2,3 to connect space seekers and providers.

Space seeker Space provider
Step 1 – Register Register details on GO DC Register warehouse details, capabilities and photos on GO DC
Step 2 – Search or List Search with customised criteria List your warehouse
Step 3 – Book Contact space provider and book your space Receive enquiries and bookings

Are the GO DC warehouse providers trustworthy?

In Phase 1, while GO takes reasonable steps to ensure that space providers provide accurate information about the property and their capabilities, GO does not guarantee the information.

Instead, we believe the best feedback comes from you and your experience. To promote good behaviour, GO is developing a rating system for your feedback on space providers.

In Phase 2, GO plans to expand our service promise with site visits to verify space provider details. These verified warehouses will be acknowledged as meeting GO DC verification standards, on par with established industry standards.

What are the GO DC rates?

We aim to have several options available, including free and paid subscription options. List your requirements on GO DC now.

How much space will I need to rent?

The warehouse owner/operator will publish the available space and the minimum space to rent in their listing details. Any change to the minimum space is to be negotiated between you and the space provider.

What warehouse services are included?

The space provider will list the additional services they can provide in the warehouse. Additional services are not part of the rental amount, unless stated otherwise.

As every customer has different service needs, the scope and cost for engaging the space provider for additional services is subject to negotiation between space seekers and space providers.

If I rent warehouse space will I contract with GO DC?

GO DC provides the platform for price discovery, warehouse listings and bringing both space seekers and providers together. GO is not part or a party to the contract between space seekers and space providers.

The contract and contract terms are expected to be negotiated directly between space seekers and space providers.

Do you offer Pop-Up Warehousing?

Pop-up warehousing is an immediate ‘on-demand’ warehousing solution, where companies can add to their regular and existing warehouse capacity during ‘peak periods’.

The space provider listing will state whether this is “pop-up”, short or long term lease

What is the liability for the goods stored in a GO DC listed property?

Standard industry business practice is for the warehouse operator to ensure that all necessary safeguards and insurance are in place. During your contract negotiations with the warehouse operator, you are encouraged to verify that this is the case.

The owner of the goods may wish to consider obtaining their own insurance for the goods. If you require insurance, GO is working on a future feature that can provide insurance provider recommendations.

In Phase 1, the contract is between space seekers and providers. GO is not part of that contact and is not liable for any damage to goods stored at the warehouse.

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