Our aim is to empower Micro, Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) through one-stop GO solutions that consolidate multiple touch-points.

On demand freight forwarding

Growing a business is tough! Customers expect great service from start to finish, whether it’s choosing a product or delivery to them. How quickly you can distribute or deliver your product to your marketplace is critical to great service.

Today, shipping your product to market is a manual, multi-step process. Slow quotes, error-prone documents and poor visibility on shipment progress costs you time – and worse – it could cost you customers expecting great service.

These are the same questions we asked ourselves, but…

  • What if you could change all that with a click of the button?
  • What if you could get “big” company freight shipping pricing and on-time shipping reliability that’s competitive and reliable?
  • What if you could spread your horizons to shipping your product to markets all across Asia and beyond

That’s our vision and goal at GO. We are developing our on-demand GO Freight platform that will make it easy and accessible for you to get instant competitive pricing and make on the spot freight shipment bookings. We’ll also have in-built shipment tracking, so you can access your product shipment progress anywhere, anytime. And as you grow, we can help you with customs and trade compliance across Asia and beyond.

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In alpha testing. Features are illustrative and subject to change.
  • One Touchpoint

  • Visibility

  • Performance Analytics

  • Transparent Billing

  • Quality Assured

  • Access Anywhere

  • Easy to Understand

  • Fast setup

  • Easy Link


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